Shiatsu Massage Berlin Kreuzberg

The treatment lasts an hour. Taking into account our pre- and post-treatment discussion, please allow 80 minutes for your entire appointment.

Regular treatments are recommended for deep and long-term changes. When booking multiple appointments, prices are discounted: 

  • 1 treatment: 80€
  • 2 treatments: 155€ (5€ saved)
  • 4 treatments: 310€ (10€ saved)
  • 6 treatments: 465€ (15€ saved)
  • 8 treatments: 620€ (20€ saved)
  • 10 treatments: 720€ (1 treatment for free)

(Payable in installments)



If you are uncertain about Shiatsu or want to better understand the way I work, I also offer a shorter introductory appointment to build trust and familiarity with new clients:

30 minutes for 40 €


Cancellation policy

  • No fee for any cancellation on the day before (until 8pm). It can also be done through message on my voice mail or e-mail if you can't reach me.
  • Half of the session cost is due if you cancel on the same day.
  • The whole session is due if you do not show up without informing me.